January 2023


I wish there was that one specific one to recommend. The market is full of different brands of toothpaste with different flavors, taste, designs, purpose for use for example some have mint for fresh breath; and therefore, the choice on which toothpaste to use is entirely dependent on you. Its only said that a bad work man blames his tools. Therefore, it should be noted that the toothpaste chosen or used to brush contributes little to tooth decay. Someone can still use a good toothpaste and still come out with cavities simply because they are brushing wrongly (ask your dentist how brushing well is done). To understand which toothpaste to use, one has to ask themselves why we use toothpaste in the first place to brush our teeth and not plain water or sand or soda or baking powder or warm water with salt or homemade remedies etc. The answer is very simple, its because of the ingredients in the toothpaste. Those ingredients in the toothpaste were discovered to be the necessary requirements to maintain healthy teeth. These ingredients are actually absorbed by your teeth to make them strong and resistant to decay, just like your bones take up calcium in the body to make them strong and that’s why you provide your body with calcium rich foods. The same principle applies to teeth, because you need strong and healthy teeth, you need to provide them with the necessary ingredients most importantly fluoride. When you get hold of the toothpaste in a supermarket or shop, it is advised to read at the back to see what ingredients are in the toothpaste, many of that might be unfamiliar but we are looking for fluoride. The teeth love fluoride so much and when they lack fluoride it’s a disaster in your mouth. The other important thing to note is that toothpastes have different concentrations of fluoride, when the concentration is too low for your teeth it’s a disaster, when also the concentration is too high also it’s a problem. This is one of the reasons as to why we have children’s toothpaste and adult. Some teeth require a little more fluoride than normal and there are toothpastes designed exactly for that. You should note that the color changes on your teeth in relation to fluoride and its concentration can be seen by your dentist and advised on what next to do in order to have healthy teeth free of cavities/holes. DR. OKIM JOHN PAUL DENTAL SURGEON, DENTAL IMPLANTOLOGIST

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