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Welcome to the Uganda Dental Association’s Continuing Dental Education (CDE) page! Our CDE program is designed to help dental professionals stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field of dentistry, as well as to maintain and improve their skills and knowledge.

To access our CDE videos, interested parties must register with the UDA admin by sending an email to or calling +256770932732. The UDA admin will then provide instructions on how to make payment and register their Gmail address to gain access to the CDE videos.

We take great pride in providing quality education to dental professionals in Uganda and beyond, and we believe that our CDE program is a valuable resource for anyone looking to stay current in this ever-evolving field. So don’t hesitate to register today and take advantage of all that our CDE program has to offer!

Dental Ethics
by Dr Chapman
Sars Covid
by Dr Alumera
Intro to autotransplatation of Developing teeth
by Dr Pavel Plakwicz
Endodontics in Paediatric Dentistry
by Dr Samantha Kachwinya
by Dr Roochi Patel
Professional Indemnity
by AfriSafe
Laminate Veneers
by Dr Francis Ochieng
Management of Bone Deficiencies in Implant Dentistry
by Dr Joseph Gakonyo
Regulation of Dental Radiology Practice in Uganda
by Ms Grace Kwikiriza
Digital Impressions in Dentistry
by Dr James Magara
Dental Patients Retention
by Dr James Magara
Guided Implant Surgery
by Dr Tom Mutyabule
Early Detection & Treatment Planning
by Dr Aisha Bataringaya Ssekalala
Radiation Safety in Dental Practices
by Eng Joshua Birungi
Gingival Recession & Soft Tissue Grafts
by Dr Mbabali
Furcation Defects & their management
by UDA
Lasers in Dentistry
by Dr Mbabali
Digital Impressions
by Dr Tom Mutyabule
Designs & Materials for flexible Dentures
by Nono David
Sinus Lift, A Telltale
by Dr Komal Thawrani
Anatomical Considerations for Dental Implants
by Dr Saurabh Annand Thawrani