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World Oral Health Week Activities

March 20 is the internationally recognized world oral health day as established by FDI. The UDA usually has activities that span the entire week, and this year will run from the 15th to the 20th of March.
Due to disruptions brought about by COVID 19, we will have a limited scope of activities as well as trying as much as possible to limit activities that may encourage the spread of the ncov-19.

Together with our partners in the  ministry of health, the print and visual media as well as the medical field, we have lined up activities that will focus on creating awareness on oral health, and drawing people’s focus towards taking greater care of their oral health, seeing as it impacts greatly on their general health. This year’s theme, adopted from the FDI theme that will run from 2021-2023 will be “Be Proud of your mouth”.

UDA Activities will include;

  • Dental Camp at Makerere Dental Hospital
  • Educational Video Clips running on TV and Radio for the week
  • Newspaper Column on Oral Health Awareness

By enforcing awareness and promoting public interest in dental health education, we hope to realize a much orally healthier and informed population.

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