It is common knowledge that too much of anything is bad. Be it food, alcohol, money, name it. (scratch the part where it says money). As regards teeth, they might be the hardest parts of our body, but they are quite delicate when it comes to food. Here are 4 foods that you should closely avoid for better mouth health.

  • SUGAR; Everyone loves sugar. So do the bacteria in our mouths. High sugar diets supply bacteria with an endless amount of substrate which they will use to produce the acid that literally burns holes in our teeth. So, think twice about that energy drink.
  • ALCOHOL; Besides the fact that alcohol contains a lot of sugar, it also contributes greatly to bad breath by decreasing production of saliva in the mouth, in effect causing a dry mouth effect that allows bacteria to thrive. That aside, alcohol breath totally stinks.
  • COFFEE; Nothing helps one wake up with a bang like a cup of coffee in the morning. The downside is that overtime, coffee actually stains the teeth, giving them a brownish hue. Say goodbye to the million-dollar sparkling smile you had in teenage years.
  • GARLIC; Flavorful food is everyone’s dream. But what happens when the flavors get stuck on your breath? Garlic stays on the breath for prolonged periods. Eating it on a daily is more than likely going to stain your breath over time. So, while it has immense benefits, it’s wise to remember that too much of anything is bad.

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