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Who said? Is it the child, the parent that has determined the treatment required? The question we should ask ourselves is what braces are, what do they do, when are they used, for how long they are used, what determines the cost.

Braces are commonly referred to, are fixed metal like squares attached to teeth with a wire running throw them. This is done at only the dentist’s office by the dentist after proper assessment of the case and planning required.

These braces simply move teeth from one point to another, from one degree or orientation to another. This whole physics of force is manipulated by the dentist to provide the necessary movement required for the tooth/ teeth. Teeth are held in bone, and therefore, a specific nonharmful force is used to move the tooth/ teeth over a period.

Braces are used when there are discrepancies in the teeth that affect how someone might look like, chew food and speak. In cases where they are discrepancies, but function of the teeth is not impaired, someone can comfortably live without correction using braces otherwise it would be an example of someone chocolate skin colored wanting to turn light. Only the dentist can determine the need for braces and not the child or the guardian.

There are so many factors that determine how long the braces will be used but most importantly the type of discrepancy being corrected. Other factors for example how hard the bone is, how far oriented the tooth to be moved is, amount of force applied to the tooth come in later.

The cost which many people usually think is specific is not. Every discrepancy/ problem, how long it will take to correct, how much material and dentist’s time are what determines the price. Use of braces is usually a long treatment outcome that requires follow up and all. A lot of planning is involved in terms of how much force is to be used, which tooth is to be moved first, in some cases some teeth are also removed for various reasons in the treatment planning. Therefore, the cost is never specific, what cost told to you by the dentist is usually after calculation on what is to be done.



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