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On November 13th, a new Executive committee was sworn in at a quiet scientific event held at Fairway Hotel. The UDA executive has a tenure that lasts two years during which they strive to improve the standards of Dentistry in the country and strive to foster unity and togetherness within the dental Fraternity.

The new committee takes charge at a time of great difficulty, where almost all fields have felt the heavy handedness of the COVID19. How they brave these harsh times remains to be seen. A lot of work remains to be done as far as advancement of Dentistry in the country goes. From issues such as distribution of dentists in the country, enforcement of standards of practice, increasing oral health awareness and availability of affordable treatment to the general public and building future leaders in the field of Dentistry among others are some of the key issues expected to be tackled.

With the number of future dentists expected to increase in the coming five years due to the formation of new dental schools, it is pertinent that the executive sets in place the  appropriate infrastructure necessary to support the future of dental cadres in the country.
Led by Dr. Geoffrey Bataringaya, a veteran dentist by all definitions and proprietor of Basil’s Dental Clinic, it is safe to say the next two years will be a period of positive and much needed change.  

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