Services provided by UDA to the professional fraternity include the following;
  • To provide continued dental education to its members through workshops, monthly UDA CDEs and the UDA journal.
  • To provide a platform for dentists to network nationally and internationally.
  • To provide group discounts for members.
  • To provide educational materials for members benefit.
  • Liaison with other local and international professional bodies
  • Fellowship among local dentists
  • To help dentists to engage in outreach programmes and events which benefit both the community and the member.
  • Expertise on coding and billing
  • Access to professional indemnity for dentists
  • Legal and ethical advice and mediation of disputes with the public
  • Publicity about oral health and issues relating to the dental profession
  • Assisting in applications for grants for research

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Why do I need a good toothpaste? I understand how disappointing and frustrating it can be when you think you are doing everything right i.e. brushing well, avoiding confectionaries name it but you still feel your oral health is not getting any better. While the...
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Wow you should be asking what about the tongue? It will really be shocking if one said they didn’t know the tongue. The tongue is a muscular organ found in the mouth along with the teeth, gums, tonsils, name it and serves important functions namely;...
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Toothpicks have been around for centuries. They are commonly made out of wood and a few from plastic. You’ll find them well placed at the table of your local favorite restaurant, in the supermarket, the neighborhood shop, everywhere. It’s common to see people using them...
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FACT: LEMONADE IS MORE ACIDIC THAN COCACOLA. Our teeth can be worn down by acidic drinks. This kind of tooth wear is called dental erosion. These acids can come from within the body (intrinsic) and from outside the body (extrinsic). From inside the body, acids...
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Every 20th of March, the world recognizes the importance of oral health to the general wellbeing of the individual. Various events are organized world over by students and country dental associations in respect to this day. Over the years, the Uganda dental association has organized...
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It is common knowledge that too much of anything is bad. Be it food, alcohol, money, name it. (scratch the part where it says money). As regards teeth, they might be the hardest parts of our body, but they are quite delicate when it comes...
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UDA celebrating WOHD

In the celebration of world oral health day, the Uganda Dental association decided to reach out to people around makerere, kikoni, katanga and central region at large, promoting the theme "BE PROUD OF YOUR MOUTH"
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UDA President Dr Geoffrey Bataringaya Leads by Example as he Receives Covid19 Vaccine Jab in 1st Round of Vaccinations

With Covid19 vaccinations underway all around the world, Uganda has finally joined the party as the 1st round of vaccinations begin today. In the event held at the Maternal and Neonatal Hospital in Mulago, the vaccination process was officially flagged off today, 10th March 2021....
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Pyogenic Infections

PYOGENIC INFECTIONS BY DR KITYAMUWESI RICHARD; BDS, MDENT(OMFS),AdvDipHLM Table 5.The frequency distribution of isolates based on their susceptibility to different antibiotics (n = 68). Percentage susceptibilities of isolatesGram negative isolatesGram positive isolatesAntibioticHIPMECCFKPESStAStPStpyVSSESASPPenicillin G 1000.01000. Note. VS – Viridans Streptococci Group, SA – Staphylococcus aureus, HI –...
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FDI World Dental Congress

The World Dental Congress (WDC) is a flagship event for FDI, strengthening ties and fostering collaboration within the global oral health community.Make plans now to attend the ADA FDI World Dental Congress 2021 in Sydney, Australia. The theme is Educating for Dental Excellence – under...
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UDA Considering Lifetime & Honorary Membership Designations

Over the years, there have been many great contributors to the survival of Dentistry in Uganda. From the pioneers such as Ken Chapman, to the survivalists and rejuvenators such as Dr. Nganwa and Dr. Ssamula to the technological revolutionaries like Dr. Mutyabule. The importance of...
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The Importance of Mentorship – A Dental Students Perspective

During orientation, I remember Trevor, who is now called Dr. Kwagala. He was one of the moderators and whenever he mentioned the course he was doing, I would get shivers wandering if I too would ever be doing the things he was doing. He quickly...
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New UDA Executive Takes Shape

On November 13th, a new Executive committee was sworn in at a quiet scientific event held at Fairway Hotel. The UDA executive has a tenure that lasts two years during which they strive to improve the standards of Dentistry in the country and strive to foster...
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