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A tooth filling is a dental restoration that involves removing decay and
repairing the affected tooth .If the damage is severe enough, you may
need a root canal and a cap but that is a different procedure. Tooth
fillings help dentists repair cavities, so they don’t become bigger dental
problems down the road.
may be the most common sign that you need a tooth filling. But
sensitivity to certain temperatures, to sweet foods are also indicators
that you need a tooth filling.
Visible signs that you need a tooth filling
*Dark spots on your teeth can be asign of a developing cavity.

  • A hole you can see or feel in your teeth.
  • Food that always get stuck in your teeth.
    *When your floss tears in a certain spot.
    *A rough, chipped or broken tooth.
    *A broken or lost filling,
    Fractured teeth
    Fractured teeth can also be repaired to slow down or even prevent
    further damage.

Tooth wear
As we age ,our teeth wear down .As the wear occurs ,the flat biting
edges darken and make teeth look unsightly. The wearing down can
also be caused by teeth grinding.
Does your tooth need a filling?

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