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With Covid19 vaccinations underway all around the world, Uganda has finally joined the party as the 1st round of vaccinations begin today. In the event held at the Maternal and Neonatal Hospital in Mulago, the vaccination process was officially flagged off today, 10th March 2021. Hon Minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng was among the first to receive the vaccine, in a bid to build confidence and deter fears that are currently widespread in the country concerning the safety of the vaccine. Dentists, being at significantly higher risk than other health workers will be expected to take keen interest in the process and the UDA is working to ensure that the vaccine can be made available to all dentists countrywide. The president, Dr Geoffrey Bataringaya walked the talk by being the first dental surgeon in the country to get vaccinated against the disease that has so far claimed over two and a half million lives worldwide in just over a years time. In the coming days, more health workers will be receiving the vaccine and all dental care providers are urged to apply as soon as possible to get their shot at a normal life. The UDA maintains that the risk of contracting the disease is still very high. Remember, being vaccinated doesn’t take away the need for SOPs. In fact, now more than ever we need to enforce them, in order to prevent a culture of complacency that is likely to develop in light of the vaccination process.

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