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Every 20th of March, the world recognizes the importance of oral health to the general wellbeing of the individual. Various events are organized world over by students and country dental associations in respect to this day. Over the years, the Uganda dental association has organized different kinds of activities on this day, with the exception of 2020; which caught us off guard. We vowed to make 2021 a memorable occasion and that is exactly what happened.

300 men, women and children all given free dental treatment and advice is no small feat. It took all the determination and grit that we had to offer in order to pull it off. With very many restrictions on public gatherings in place due to covid19, we had to circumvent a barrage of roadblocks to ensure that we offer a service without endangering the lives of the humble Ugandans who showed up in need of these services. A huge appreciation goes out to the medical workers who spared their time to do this work. Back breaking as dentistry is, these women and men pushed on from 10am; clearing lines until patient number 300 left with a smile on his face. A smile of appreciation; a smile worth much more than money, than Facebook likes or twitter retweets. A smile to be proud of. Special appreciation goes out to our sponsors; Colgate, NDA, UMDPC, Mengo Hospital Dental Department, Troikaa, WideSpectrum, Crown Health care, Dr Anette Mbaziira, Dr Amiya Brenda…the list goes on for days.

Download our report below and find out more about what we did and how you can join us to make a difference.

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