Who We Are

The Uganda Dental Association (UDA) is a registered non-governmental organization that brings together all the qualified dental surgeons retired or practicing in Uganda.[1] Headquartered in Uganda’s capital city Kampala, the UDA serves its members and the public by managing key oral health issues on their behalf and by coordinating dental health awareness programs across the nation.

The core objective of the UDA is to promote advancement of dentistry through the exchange of ideas amongst dental surgeons, in Uganda and the world. The association uses its leadership role to ensure that the rights and privileges of the members are enjoyed by all and acts as an advocate in the regulation of the dental profession in Uganda. The association also ensures that the expectations of the public are met and is actively involved with lobbying and advocacy initiatives.

Our Mandate

To coordinate, harmonize / standardize the dental profession in Uganda

Our Mission

The association seeks to make available to the public, in a structured manner, researched and internationally acceptable dental services and education.

Our Vision

The vision of the association is to have a legacy that reflects and promotes dentistry values.

UDA Core Objectives

  1. To promote advancement of the science and art of dentistry and the promotion of exchange of ideas amongst dentists in Uganda and the world at large.
  2. To ensure the rights and privileges of the members are enjoyed by all and to act as an advocate in the regulation of the dental profession in Uganda while ensuring the expectations of the public are accordingly met<
  3. To promote and provide Continuing Dental Education among dental surgeons in Uganda

Our Story

The UDA was founded in the 1960s by five dentists, namely; Dr.Jack Barlow, Dr. Bisase Arnold, Dr.Aliker Okello, Dr. Amooti Twamirimo Nkurukenda and Dr. William B. Nganwa. In the 1970s during President Idi Amin‘s regime, the association became inactive after the murder of Dr.Jack Barlow by president Amin. It was later revived in the 1980s by Dr. George W. Ssamula together with Dr. William B. Nganwa and Dr. J. F. Tiromwe. As of 2014, the UDA has more than 280 members. In 2010 the UDA published the first UDA Journal. The first UDA office was at Mulago Hospital. The current UDA headquarters were opened at the Department of Dentistry Makerere University, in 2013.

Regulation of Dentists

The UDA acts as an advocate in the regulation of the dental profession in Uganda in collaboration with the Uganda Medical & Dental Practitioners Council (UMDPC) which is mandated by Uganda’s Ministry of Health to regulate professional Medical Officers and Dental Surgeons in the country.

The UDA has a representative on the UMDPC Board as per the Medical and Dental Practitioners Act 1998


The association consists of Dental Surgeons, Honorary Members and Associate members qualified and/or with a professional connection with dentistry in Uganda. Qualified dentists must be registered with the Association, and thereafter with the Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council upon payment of the levied charges and Professionals other than dentists whose work is related to dentistry may apply for membership of the association.[12]

The UDA is a member of various international bodies like FDI and the Commonwealth Dental Association (CDA)

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